1. What is a live online training /webinar?

A webinar is an online interactional convocation which is held via internet. It helps persons to share and acquire knowledge through cooperative audio, synchronize slides, Chats, and polls.

2. What is a Recorded Course/Recorded Webinar?

The Recorded training course is the recording of the live online training course on related topics. Attendees have to purchase the recorded training course through our website. We will share a link with the customer and by that link, he/she can watch the recording at his/her convenience. You will get lifetime access to the recording. You can watch the recorded webinar anytime, anywhere as per your convenience.

3. What is an E-Transcript?

An E-Transcript is a written PDF file, which contains a word-to-word recording of the presentation.

4. What is Download Course?

Download Course means download the webinar and watch it whenever you want without internet.

5. How interactive and effective Supreme Trainer’s Webinar is?

We value your time & money and the trust you show in us. That is why we not only permit you to get to listen to Our Extraordinary Expert but also allows you to clear your doubts through our collective Q&A sessions.

6. What is the difference between the benefits of live and recorded webinars?

Both Webinar has its own unique advantages.

Benefits of a live webinar:

You can ask questions and clear your doubt with our Expert Speaker.

  • Simple presentation and slide show.
  • Benefits of a Recorded/Pre Recorded Webinar
  • Recorded webinar provides you complete flexibility at your own comfort.
  • It’s not time bound.
  • You can watch anytime and enhance your skill whenever you feel the requirement.

7. What materials I will get once the registration done?

We ensure that our each and every participant get the PDF copy and other webinar related material through their registered mail id.

8. What’s the various modes of payment available?

We accept payment through PayPal/Stripe. PayPal/Stripe accepts all major Credits and Debit Cards.

9. What If I face some issues with the link to join the webinar?

No need to panic. First of all just check your registered mail id and ensure checking spam folder. Yet you don’t find the mail with the link to join webinar, you can contact us on our support e-mail id.

10. For how long I can access the Recorded webinar……?

You can access our webinar at anytime and anywhere. Recording link is available for lifetime.

11. At what time I should login for the webinar?

We recommend you to log in before ten minutes to the actual time of webinar. And also make sure your system has good Internet connection. So, you don’t have to face any glitches at the time when webinar go live.

12. Can I get CEUs If I watch the live webinar?

Certainly, you will get the Continue Education Units for all live courses and recorded webinars.

13. Do you offer any HRCI & SHRM Certificates as well…….?

Yes, we provide both HRCI and SHRM Certificates.