Compliance with tax laws, withholding requirements, and IRS and state deposit schedules is complex enough. But for employers in multiple states, multiplying this by 5, 10, 20, or even 50 can be a nightmare in the payroll department. Add a pandemic to this mix and enjoy the making of horror movies! Not only do you have more rules and regulations to follow, however, if you make a mistake, the penalties can be doubled.

All payroll personnel must be aware of the tax and reporting requirements of all states that have employees working for the company or, in the case of reciprocal agreements, living. But for payroll departments that have to deal with employees working in multiple states simultaneously, or employees traveling to different states at different times for their employers. Taxation and reporting requirements are at best a tedious task and at worst the catastrophe. The employees who work from home can be even more complicated. Questions must be answered, sometimes on an employee by employee or even tougher on a case-by-case basis for an individual employee.

In addition, employers with employees working in some states do more than just have to deal with taxes. There are now wage and hourly wage laws! With another minimum wage? Are there any other overtime regulations? Will this employee continue to be exempt? Most states require state income tax withholding for wages paid for work performed in the state. The only ground given in this area is usually for reciprocal agreements and nonresident employees who may be in the state for a limited time. The only way to determine the proper taxation for multiple state employees is by researching and apply the requirements for each state. And this is where this webinar will help.


  • How to determine state withholding liability ?
  • Who is a resident ?
  • How reciprocal agreements affect taxation of wages ?
  • Resident and nonresident taxation policies
  • The four-factor test for state unemployment insurance
  • Income and unemployment taxation of Fringe benefits
  • What wage and hour laws must be followed ?
  • How to handle income and unemployment insurance taxation for employees working in multiple states ?
  • How working in multiple states could affect withholding for garnishments ?
  • Withholding requirements when an employee is in a state temporarily
  • Which states require the use of their own Withholding Allowance Certificate, which states allow either theirs or the Form W-4, and which states do not have a form ?
  • Reporting wages for multistate employees on Form W-2
  • How COVID-19 affects teleworkers who are in a different state ?

Why You Should Attend:

In this webinar the attendees will gain knowledge of the requirements under wage and hour laws when an employee works in two or more states and how to handle garnishment withholding for a multistate employee? Further instructor will make understanding of how to determine state withholding liability and how it is affected by the residency of the employee in addition of in reciprocal agreements and the difference between taxing residents on their worldwide income and nonresidents on the income earned within the state.

Attendees will obtain a better understanding of the three methods of determining taxable wages under state income tax, including the volume of business ratio method and the time basis method with a clear understanding of the basics of the four-factor test used to determine the payment of state unemployment insurance.

Who Should Attend:

  • Payroll Executives/Managers/Administrators/Professionals/Practitioners/Entry Level Personnel
  • Human Resources Executives/Managers/Administrators
  • Accounting Personnel
  • Business Owners/Executive Officers/Operations and Departmental Managers
  • Lawmakers
  • Attorneys/Legal Professionals

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Vicki M. Lambert, CPP, is President and Academic Director of The Payroll Advisor™, a firm specializing in payroll education and training. The company’s website www thepayrolladvisor com offers a payroll news service that keeps payroll professionals up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations.                                               

Course Information

  • March 31, 2022
  • Available All Day
  • 90 Minutes
  • Vicki M. Lambert