Human Resources departments play a critical role in managing an organization’s most valuable asset – its people.  From recruiting new talent to managing employee benefits and compensation, HR teams are responsible for ensuring a company’s workforce is engaged, productive, and motivated.

HR departments can now leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to streamline their processes and achieve greater efficiency. ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for HR professionals in a variety of ways, including automating repetitive tasks, providing real-time support to employees, and enhancing the overall employee experience. 


  • ChatGPT & AI in the workplace
  • ChatGPT HR capabilities
  • Ways to use ChatGPT to your benefit
  • Disadvantages to utilizing ChatGPT
  • Use cases for ChatGPT in HR
  • ChatGPT’s limitations
  • Will ChatGPT take HR jobs?
  • ChatGPT inspiration and output examples

Why You Should Attend:

A workplace run by AI is not a futuristic concept.  Such technology is already a part of our workplaces and will continue to shape the labor market.  According to a 2022 survey by the Society of Human Resources Management, nearly 1 in 4 organizations reported using AI to support HR-related activities.  The report found that 85% of employers using AI said it saves time or increases efficiency.

Whether you (or your organization’s senior leadership) are a fan of or fear artificial intelligence tools in your workplace, it’s essential to know these tool’s benefits and limitations and set expectations for employees’ use of them.

Who Should Attend:

  • Senior leadership
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Learning & Development professionals
  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Employees

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Diane L. Dee, President of Advantage HR Consulting, has over 25 years of experience in the Human Resources arena. Diane’s background includes experience in HR consulting and administration in corporate, government, consulting and pro bono environments. Diane founded Advantage HR Consulting in early 2016. Under Diane’s leadership, Advantage HR provides comprehensive, cost-effective Human Resources solutions for small to mid-sized firms in the greater Chicagoland area. Additionally, Diane conducts webinars on a wide-variety of HR topics for various training firms across the country.

Course Information

  • October 27, 2023
  • Available All Day
  • 75 Minutes
  • Diane L. Dee