Top 5 HR Courses will help you to understand the ABC of Workplace Compliance in 2023


Workplace compliance has been the talk of the town for years. Organizations work in ranges to stay on the same page regarding regulatory compliance. The engagement and commitment workplace compliance requires is quite consistent and active in nature. It demands businesses prove their stance of compliance from time to time through audits, timely checks, and inspections. Over the years, policies like workplace management, sexual harassment at the workplace, safety, and sanitation policies at the workplace have been redefined regularly to offer a relevantly reliable structure for businesses to rely on.  The role of professional or skill enhancement courses is quite a trend these days. Organizations do insist their employees engage in their residual hours to invest in professional courses that would enhance the individual/employee value of a person. Additionally, this would also upgrade the aggregate employee profile for an organization. Supreme Trainer is an eligible platform offering HRCI/SHRM/NASBA accredited and acclaimed professional courses for learners. Learning has no bar, all it demands is just a slight engagement and proficiency. As an initiative, we believe in providing easy-to-access and remote-mode-friendly learning. Below are quoted professional courses that would help in excruciating workplace compliance and management. 

  • Employee Handbook Requirements and Updates for 2023 by Margie Faulk – Organizations require intensive management and precise follow-up with regulations. For reliable formulations, organizations rely on employee handbooks which are a genuine blend of workplace norms, federal regulations, and mention of code of conduct or decorum parameters. This acclaimed session by Margie Faulk will reflect on intermediate, regulatory, and inclusive-exclusive criteria to be focused on while drafting or setting up employee handbooks. Employee handbooks are responses to every ‘how-to-.’ and ‘what-to-do-when..’ scenario reflecting on the workplace management spectrum. These handbooks provide a refined outlook on legal parameters, set decorum limits, and code of conduct for businesses. This session will offer participants an elucidative aspect of employee handbooks, why they are crucial, and why their precise and timely revisions are important. Moreover, other related aspects such as inclusions, expectations, and exclusions are also discussed in this session. Refer the given link below to attain a major regulatory milestone in the spectrum of workplace compliance and management.

Check out the course here – Employee Handbook Requirements and Updates for 2023 (

  • 2023 EEOC & Employers: Investing claims of harassment and discrimination 

Workplace management is an elongated task, numerous aspects do play out in order to keep a business or organization seem working efficiently. Maintenance of decorum at the workplace and balancing the civil environment around the workplace setting is also a major task to be monitored and managed by HR professionals of a particular business or organization. EEOC offers and monitors great supervision and assistance to employees in cases of workplace harassment cases. The definition of harassment is quite subjective, yet defining it based on the inconvenience an employee experiences at their respective workplaces could be considered here. The situation where claims of harassment and discrimination are is mentioned, a piece of baggage full of federal regulatory norms downplays. This session will offer an updated outlook on handling and majorly ‘what to and what not to do’ while investigating harassment and discrimination claims in workplace setup. Do refer to the given link to attend, and gain conceptual and practical insights on the same. 

Check out the course here 2023 EEOC And Employers: Investigating Claims of Harassment and Discrimination (

  • Fundamentals and Best Practices for Handling Taxation of Multistate Employees 2023 – 

While talking of workplace compliance, considering the taxation aspect is major. Payroll professionals are accountable for managing and guiding their respective stakeholders with precise information regarding taxation filings. Taxation is quite a norm-centered and attention-and-time-consuming task if not done properly. Employees holding multistate status (being a native of a different state and working in different or married in different states) are bound to certainly some different set of taxation filings. The list is quite intensive. Although, this session will provide clarity to employers or HR professionals on handling the taxation process with multistate employees. This session will offer an updated 2023 perspective on the same. Do refer to the given link to attend.

  • Form I-9 in 2023: Latest Extension of the DHS Remote Option and Reverification and Rehire Supplement Rules – 

USCIS acclaimed Form I-9 plays a crucial role in the process of hiring and selection in organizations. These forms record directory information of employees. The basic job of this form performs is to provide employers or HR professionals with a reliable set of assured information about candidates applying for a job. Also, Form I-9 has undergone numerous developments and it is important for professionals to stay on the same page with developments. This session is a single spot where interested participants will find an elaborative outlook on developments in Form I-9 and what workers had to focus on while filing Form I-9. Do refer to the given link below to attend this informative session. 

Click this link Form I-9 in 2023: Latest Extension of the DHS Remote Option and Reverification and Rehire Supplement Rules (

  • The ADA: What Employers Need to Know in 2023 – 

The Americans with Disabilities Act safeguards disabled employees from any sort of discrimination in workplace setup. The act in itself is quite broad as it includes a definition of disabilities, reasonable accommodation, an interactive process, and many more. The updates and debates around the act are quite normal. In order to stay on the same page with updates about ADA and how it affects the compliance status of an organization, it’s important to keep tracking what EEOC and ADA release. Businesses and organizations are mandated to follow ADA policies to keep their compliance status unaffected. Refer to the link below to gain an insightful perspective on the ADA. 

Click this link – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): What Employers Need to Know in 2023 (

These courses offer numerous options to rely on in order to flourish their workplace compliance and management. Workplace compliance is an important subject. Lot of aspects are downplayed to make a business seem to function effectively. Supreme Trainer aims at offering quality services and quoting our five online courses that would help participants to gain rich understanding on workplace compliance and management. Secondly, constructive and adaptable courses that’d help professionals gain a rich insight into workplace management. Thirdly, the idea is to present an all-in-one resort for keen learners to learn about the workplace culture and aspects.

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