Current accounting closings are too time consuming. Closings are too document dependent. Technology is not maximized. Many activities are being accomplished remotely. COVID-19 has amplified these conditions and made the closing process even more difficult.  Companies must find a way to conduct closing activities with efficiency in terms of both time and accuracy.

This Webinar will outline ways to improve the closing process in a technology based environment. This webinar will cover: 

• Establishing accounts payable as the core of all closing activity
• Re-Imagine a new normal with automated paperless accounts payable
• Empower employees with specific actions and responsibilities
• Employ technology to the maximum
• Establish data driven real time processes, activities & actions
• Ensure file & records integrity with defined points of authorization, approval , review & validation.
• Compare in-house processes to remote reality
• Purge process of in-house dependent events


Attendees with take away:

  • Review of closing challenges in a COVID-19 Environment
  • Challenges of in-house vs in-home closings and solutions to accomplish efficiently
  • How to develop a detail close plan
  • Converting processes from document to data
  • The utilization of Accounts Payable as the focal point for the close process
  • Seamless input of transactions from the closing process to the general ledger
  • Conducting the close process equally as efficient for in-house ad in-home activities & events
  • How to re-imagine the entire close process to achieve efficiency & accuracy
  • How to maximize the use of technology in the close process
  • Deal with the COVID-19 reality and use lessons learned to create new closing norms

Why You Should Attend:

To understand how to conduct efficient closings in an environment where many activities are accomplished remotely and currently in an environment of document driven manual processes independent of each other. Companies must re-imagine the entire closing process and conduct in an environment that is data vs document driven and the maximum use of technology.

Who Should Attend:

  • Non- financial professionals interested in learning in simple to understand and apply terms tools & techniques how financial transactions into financial statements
  • Financial professionals that need a refresher
  • Beginning non-financial professionals
  • Intermediate non-financial professionals
  • All financial professions seeking a refresher

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Carl Young is an Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Coach.  He holds a MBA and completed graduate studies in Accounting and Taxation.  He is a former CFO of a 275M, high growth technology based company.  He has over 25 years of senior level business management experience. 

Course Information

  • March 4, 2022
  • Available All Day
  • 60 Minutes
  • Carl Young